7 reasons why our summer hostels make for an ideal Summer holiday...

1. Low Price, High Quality

At €500 a week including half-board accommodation, Excursion to Aosta, shuttle service to trailheads and airport transfers, we're confident that we're offering one of the cheapest package prices you'll find anywhere in Switzerland, or Europe for that matter.

However, a low price doesn't equate to poor quality as we offer good food, experienced trail knowledge for the area and a fun time!

2. Atmosphere  

It may sound cheesy, but the main aim behind our Hiking Hostel project, aside from hiking of course, is to bring people together from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.

By doing so, we hope to create a fun and easygoing international atmosphere. 

3. Hiking Trails

Beginner, expert or somewhere in between?

No problem!

There are over 500KM of marked trails in the Valais and most are within an hour drive to the start off the trail. We will bring you to a trail for your level and interest. Making sure you will have the best time exploring the Swiss Alps.

4. Food!

Included in the price are 2 meals a day cooked by our expert and fun-loving chefs!

This includes a full breakfast buffet, including cereals, bread, yogurt, eggs and bacon, plus delicious evening meals that take inspiration from both Swiss and international cuisine.

And of course no trip to Switzerland would be complete without Raclette and Fondue!

You're free to use the kitchen in the afternoon, however the restaurant on our local towns are very reasonably priced by Swiss standards!

5. Relaxation after the hikes

Enjoying the mountain views with a glass of wine or an ice cold beer after a fun day's hiking can be almost as rewarding as hiking itself!

If you don't fancy splashing out on Swiss bar prices, our chalet has a spacious garden and plenty of chairs, so grab a carryout from the supermarket and feel right at home!

6. Socialising and Nightlife

Our hostel may a little out of the way with regards to the region's nightlife, however with a large common room, chilling area and up to 40 guests plus our young staff, we can keep the party going every night.

And what's better? It's cheap as you can bring your own alcohol!

Though we also have a very reasonably priced bar for those in need!

7. Tons of Extra Activities!

Haven't hiked in a while and your legs are sore? It happens to the best of us... Luckily, with the Saint Bernard day pass, it gives you free or discounted access to dozens of additional activities in the area including Ice Skating, Various Museums, Swimming, Cinemas, and much more!

More info about the Saint Bernard Pass and Additional Activities here.

  • Military bunker
  • Tree canopying
  • Chairlift in La Fouly and Champex-Lac with scooters
  • Tennis in Sembrancher
  • Sup Champex-Lac

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