Our hiking hostel is surrounded by fields in blossom, majestic peaks, breath-taking views and purest mountain air. This makes Valais, our area, a paradise for hiking adventures and more. Strengthened with a hearty breakfast or own provisions stowed away in your backpack, now's the time to set off on a mountain tour, theme path or hike alongside the irrigation channels for scenic adventure.

Our Family Hostel is aimed at young families with preschool children. In May and June offer you great family holidays with other families in our Relais.

Summer Alps

Here in Valais at the turn of the season, the sunshine brings with it new and beautiful opportunities. As the snow melts, mountain passes begin to open and expansive new regions become accessible. By car, bike, or on foot you'll be able to explore the Alps and gain a perspective unimaginable. Get a closer look at the local flora and fauna. Reach higher peaks and deeper valleys. From hidden lakes to misty mountain passes, nature brings endless possibilities.

Here in Liddes we are comfortably seated between great rocky giants which harbor dozens of  activities in every direction. Whether you are looking for a calm walk up the valley, a thrilling ride down steep slopes, or a peaceful picnic in the sun, we've got something for everyone.


With so many trails to choose from, you may want to plan your adventures in advance. We provide useful information and easy access to dozens of trailheads.

Whether you are an expert downhill mountain biker seeking a thrill or just looking to glide through the peaceful forest, we've got the right trail for you all within a short distance.

Looking for something else? Valais is famous for the many different activities available, including action, adventure, art, relaxation and so much more!