3 points that tell our hostel's story...

1. Restaurant & Hotel

Our chalet and hostel began life under its previous owners as a restaurant and hotel, named Relais de Dranse and Petit Velan. The upstairs rooms for Relais de Dranse being renovated in 2014. Also the upstairs rooms in Petit Velan are renovated in the last years.

2. Our arrival

We bought the chalet from its previous owners in August 2017, with the idea of using it as a location for our summer language camps and as a private rental for groups, which the chalet is used as outside the ski season.

3. Birth of the ski hostel

Being keen skiers and both having worked as ski instructors earlier in life, we came up with the idea of turning the chalet into a ski hostel for the winter. We trailed the idea in February 2018. The first Ski Hostel group consisted of international participants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Malta, Poland, Turkey, Russia and Serbia. Due to the great success with the first group, we then decided to launch the idea on a larger scale and set up a company in 2020.