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Relais de Dranse SA

Philipp Alexander Weber 

1945 Liddes 

Philipp Weber, Switzerland

I am Swiss and for all my life I have been in love with the mountains. I ski, hike, ski-hike, snowboard, and love nature. I have a son in Brazil and travel several times a year to this wonderful country. I am the founder of FriLingue - Language Camps and the owner of the Relais de Dranse. Furthermore, I like philosophy and literature, discuss politics and life, travel, play chess and meet people.

Stefan Stolwijk, Netherlands

My name is Stefan and I have fallen in love with the Swiss Alps. 

Since I started traveling 3 years ago, I have seen parts of Asia and Europe,  met new people, discovered other cultures and had variety of wonderful experiences.  I love to be in the outdoors and in nature, where I will indulge in any sport that crosses my path. Traveling, sports and the interaction between all persons in the world are my passion. I started working in Switzerland since the end of 2018. Together with Phillip we will bring like-minded people under the same roof and create new memories and experiences.

Scott Kellett, USA

Hey, Scott here! I'm an adventurer, born and raised. As an experienced traveler and wicked skier, the Ski Hostel life accepted me with open arms. I am in love with outdoor sports and have a passion for human connection. I believe our lives should be measured not in time, but by the quality of our experiences. That's why I love Ski Hostel. We don't host clients, we host friends.